Welcome to Watts Wood Products!  Please take a moment to browse our website for examples of some of our most recent projects!  Since we specialize in custom work, no project is too small.  We do orders in any quantity from custom one-offs to bulk orders of hundreds of items.  With a broad range of experience in everything from cutting boards to kitchen cabinets, you will find that we can do just about any project you throw at us.  Whether you are our next door neighbor or Jimmy Fallon, we are happy to be your woodworker of choice.

Residential Furniture and Cabinetry

Small Custom Projects and Prototypes

Custom Repairs and Refinishing


In general we can be reached in one of three ways:  by email at wattswoodproducts@gmail.com, by phone at (804) 366-2042, or by messaging us on our Watts Wood Products Facebook page.